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Quality Control Measures in the Manufacturing Process of Machinery and Equipment
    In the process of machinery and equipment processing and management, strengthening the control of quality is of great significance in ensuring the quality of machinery and equipment products. The production and processing of machinery and equipment are mainly composed of various production processes. Due to the differences in production process and production environment, different requirements are placed on the quality control of products. For this reason, we will strengthen the quality control in the manufacturing process of mechanical equipment. In a sense, it is the quality control of the production system.
    1.Process Optimization
    The process flow is undoubtedly occupying an important position in the production and processing of mechanical parts. Once the process flow lacks sufficient scientificity and rationality in the design process, due to the influence of human factors, it is very likely to reduce the processing components. Quality will even increase the rate of waste. Through further scientific optimization of process flow, we provide a fundamental guarantee for the processing quality of parts and components. Among them, we mainly consider the following two aspects in the process of process optimization. On the one hand, we process the parts. The processing quality is fully considered. On the other hand, the processing efficiency of the components is taken into consideration, and the processing time is shortened.
    In addition, prior to the development of parts processing, we will make full preparations to accurately position the processed parts, prevent the occurrence of reference errors due to repeated clamping, and provide important guarantees for the quality of parts processing. Ensure that the parts can be processed in one go and meet the requirements of product quality.
    2.Strengthen process quality control
    In the process of manufacturing machinery and equipment, it may include the following production processes, such as: first, purchase of raw materials; second, welding; third, process processing; fourth, assembly; fifth, test and inspection.
    By strengthening the control of the processing quality of various processes in the machinery manufacturing process, it is beneficial to provide an important guarantee for the production quality of the entire components. For key quality characteristics, key processes and key processes are set up to carry out key quality management and control, which ultimately provides an important guarantee for the quality of finished products.
    The relevant staff of our company conduct a comprehensive inspection of the processing quality, which mainly includes the monitoring, measurement and test quality characteristics to ensure that the product quality of each work can meet the technical requirements. Once any quality problems exist, comprehensive analysis and assessment of quality information will be carried out. Then find out the factors that affect the quality of processing, take effective measures and countermeasures accordingly, and record the quality of each production process. After passing inspection and testing, our company's equipment can only enter the next production process after it is qualified, effectively avoiding unqualified product quality from entering the next production process, and providing an important guarantee for the processing quality of the product.
    3.Strengthen the Quality Control of Materials
    In the processing of machinery and equipment, it mainly includes raw materials, semi-finished products and assembly materials. On the one hand, we strengthen the inspection of raw materials, and on the other hand, we strengthen the inspection of the processing process. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and testing of semi-finished products and assembly parts, so as to provide an important guarantee for the performance and quality of the whole machine. Therefore, we will monitor the assembly process of semi-finished products in real time, in particular, monitor whether the mechanical fit clearances and installations are in line with the specifications and strengthen the quality control of mechanical equipment.
    In addition, the test will be adjusted as appropriate, and the performance of the whole machine will be tested, and written records will be made accordingly. In the event of a non-conformity, measures will be taken in time to resolve it.
    4.Provide the sense of quality control of staff
    In the process of production, we will pay attention to strengthening the training of quality awareness, further strengthening the following aspects of the work, refusing to receive low-quality assembly, strictly prohibit the production of defective products, and further enhance the employees' sense of quality. The quality and level of processing of machinery and equipment provide an important guarantee.

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